Department of Mechanical Engineering

 Mechanical engineering is an indispensable base to make scientific technology useful for society. The main areas are as follows: good use of limited energy; the design of such machines as automobiles and aircraft; the design of machines for producing products; the study of manufacturing processes; and material development. Knowledge of mechanical engineering is needed to solve recent environmental problems. Mechanical engineers have been needed in many fields such as electronics, information technology, medical science and social welfare. Mechanical engineering students study the special subjects shown on the right hand page, which have been selected as the basic subjects to promote active participation in various areas of research, development, design, and production technology.

Machine Practice Workshop

 The Machine Practice Workshop is a training facility for students to learn through the practice of basic techniques which are necessary for production and processing of materials such as welding, mechanical processing and robot practice. Our college puts emphasis not only on learning theories, but also on practical training and experiments. The Machine Practice Workshop has various types of equipment. In addition to practical training and experiments, the machinery is used for producing experimental devices necessary for research.
 Due to the increased use of computers and robots, processing technology has developed remarkably. To correspond with the new technology, the contents of practical training have been reconsidered. New technical skill training for machine tool operation with numerical control, using an NC Lathe, a NC Milling Machine, a Machining Center, etc.,all of which are controlled by computers, and new exercises for welding using an Automatic Welder are now carried out.

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