Department of Electronic Media Technology

 Recently, `electronics' has rapidly expanded, and it now covers a quite wide area of technology; semiconductor devices, robotics, mobile telecommunications, computers and networks, solar power, electronic materials, superconductors, and so on. All of these fields is concerned with "motion of electrons", which is the root of electronics. In our department, electronics is the central subjects of the education through 5 years.
 Now the world is facing turbulent days in not only politics and economics, but in the technological/scientific fields. In order that our graduates may get over and lead this severe age, the education of our department aims to grow engineers not defeated by the hard revolution of the society. This department provides students a curriculum for fixation of the basic scholastic ability so that they can develop creativity in different fields of science in their future. A student who entered this department becomes to understand foundations of electronics in systematized form, and at the time of graduation, they can acquire the basic ability in the field of research and can develop their work much more deeply in future. As these results, a lot of graduates play active roles in many advanced fields both in industry and academy.

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